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How Do You Bring Water To Boil?

  1. Many people use an electric kettle that they use to boil water. They put water in the kettle, press the switch and in a few minutes, the water boils and the kettle automatically switches off. Simple, right? Yesterday, I wanted to boil more water than my electric kettle can take and so I used my whistling kettle; the one in the picture. I put in water to the maximum mark, closed the lid and closed the whistle over the spout. I put the kettle on the gas stove, lighted the stove and turned the flame to high. I left the kitchen to return to my work. In a few minutes, I heard the kettle whistling to me that the water was boiling. I quickly went into the kitchen to turn off the flame and took the kettle off the stove. At the same time that I boiled the water, there was a pot on the other hob on the stove that my daughter was making soup. She didn't want the soup to boil over and she had a low flame under the pot. The soup simmered for a few hours until my daughter decided that it is done. ~ Robert Allan, a Wealth Creation expert, described a four-stage process for long-term, sustainable wealth creation: 1) Getting started 2) Creating capital 3) Investing capital 4) Protecting capital There are many different ways and strategies for creating capital. Some use a quick strategy, like boiling water, and some use a slow strategy, like making soup. The key thing to note here is that you need a certain amount of energy to bring the water to boil, whether quickly or slowly. If the intensity is too low, it will never boil. Similarly, you need to do a certain amount of work to create capital. If your rate of doing the work is too low, you will never create enough capital to invest! Creating Capital is just one of the four-stage process of creating wealth. The mistake that I made was to confuse capital with wealth. This is also the mistake that I suspect, many people are making. Working hard to generate the income that creates capital; then to spend it all away. Tragic! There are steps and stages to creating wealth. Using the Inside-Out Wealth model, we will go through the details of each step and stage in creating our long-term, sustainable wealth. The process itself is easy enough to learn and I am convinced that we can all learn this. The challenge is in following through and actually doing it! If we are willing to help and support one another, WE CAN DO THIS! Thank you. M Marzuki Mohamed #insideoutwealth #resilience Photo Image: Boiling water reminds me that there are a certain AMOUNT and INTENSITY of heat required to bring the water to boil. If the Amount and Intensity are insufficient, the water will never boil!

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