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Coaching Essentials 

(Professional Communication for Leaders)

 * Discount offer ends on 10 September 2022 * 

4 Days Neuro-Semantic NLP Certification Programme


24-25 September & 1-2 October 2022

Kota Damansara, Selangor


9:00am - 6:00pm


A highly sought after skill by leaders is the ability to influence and persuade through their communication. Leaders who are skilled in the science and art of elegant communication are leaders who are capable of inspiring, facilitating and positively transforming the workplace.


Coaching Essentials for Leaders is the program that provides all the critical skills and training to enable you to coach, facilitate and guide the transformation of teams and elevate their performance one conversation at a time.

What You'll Learn

1- Learn about NLP as a Model, its Hidden Theories and Presuppositions.

2- Learn about the NLP Model of Communication and discover how we see, hear, and feel the world. 

3- Get into the right state for active listening and be totally present to another.

4- Learn how to create a safe and supportive communication environment that facilitates ease and effectiveness of communication.

5- Learn about Neuro-Linguistic States: about how to access states using the two royal roads to state.

6- Design empowering states for excellence for greater effectiveness and productivity.

Meta Coach Pathway

Coaching Essential is module 1 of the international Meta-Coach certification pathway and a pre-requisite training for those wanting to be a fully certified Meta-Coach with the worldwide Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF).

Who'll Benefit

  • Leaders and staff who recognise the impor tance and place communication has in influencing performance and behaviours.


  • Those wanting to integrate Meta-Coaching skills into their role.

You'll Receive

  • Twenty eight hours of face to face contact time learning with an Internationally renowned Neuro-Semantic Master Trainer.

  • Full certification with the International Society of Neuro-Semantics

  • Module 1 of the Meta-Coach Certification Pathway towards being a cer tified Meta-Coach ACMC

  • A 190 page Coaching Essentials training manual

  • Morning and afternoon refreshments.

You'll be receiving this certification training directly from

M. Marzuki Mohamed who is in the Leadership Team of the International Society of Neuro Semantic

Meet The Trainer Background.png

Marzuki is a Certified Neuro-Semantics and NLP Trainer, and Meta-Coach by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics®. He is also the Regional Director for Meta-Coach, Malaysia Chapter and co-authored an internationally published book ‘The Change 4’ .

Marzuki has successfully conducted many in-house programmes related to NLP & Neuro-Semantic  Coaching and Training for corporations and government agencies. He is privileged to have conducted such programmes to many large corporations such as PETRONAS, Sime Darby, DRB-Hicom, PROTON and many more in the last five years.

Now, Marzuki is offering this much sought after International Accreditation programme to the public. He is happy to coach those who would like to master the skill of coaching using the powerful tool of NLP & Neuro Semantics Coaching.

Participants receive enhanced benefits and more impact full results from his training programmes because of his extensive practical knowledge and skilful application of Neuro and Behavioural Sciences. He empowers people to increase their limits, level of commitment, higher level of performances of the individual, team and the organisation in achieving the corporate goals.

His training employs the Accelerated Learning technology exclusively, which is a proven method in improving the level of comprehension and internalisation of the concepts and learning.

Meet The Principle Coach

Money Back Guarantee.png

Our goal is your complete satisfaction in getting full value and benefit from this training.


If at the end of Day One you are not totally convinced of the benefits, the Investment Amount will be refunded 100%.

One-Time Investment for a Lifetime of Learning

Have you ever attended training that was so useful and full of relevant content that would have made a tremendous difference in your life, if only you had applied them all? Yet, memories being permeable and skills that deteriorate over time, you managed to utilise only a fraction of what you had learned.


What if you could re-learn, revise and practice your learning? Would that help to grow your skills and retain your knowledge?


When you invest in this programme, you are eligible to re-visit the training again and again and again. At no additional cost! In this way your return on investment is limitless!

This International Accreditation Programme is valued at RM2,570
 * Discount offer ends on 10 September 2022 * 
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