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9 Days Neuro-Semantics Certification Programme


Meta NLP

A Complete Practitioner Certification For

Coaching Essential & Meta NLP


Meta-NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the art and science of personal leadership excellence. NLP is the New Leadership Technology for Greater Personal, Professional and Organisational Effectiveness — increased effectiveness leads to increased career and income prospects!

You will learn the skill of empowerment to become more empowered and know how to empower others. No leader can achieve higher levels of productivity without the skill of empowering others.

Many managers are promoted to positions of higher responsibilities due to excellence in a particular technical area. However, lacking in skills in managing relationships, doom them to failure! When you learn the skills of managing relationships, you become more effective as a manager and leader.

You will rid of emotional baggage that obstructs your path to resourcefully manage yourself and others. When you are in control of your mental and emotional states, you will successfully overcome stresses in your life.

What You'll Discover

Discover how to re-programme your own unconscious thought patterns for immediate and enduring success and fulfilment.
Develop a solid base of real, sustainable motivation that will totally change the way you approach business and life.
Create strong, lasting relationships in both your business associations and your private life.
Become an exceptional communicator able to reach all people with your message.
Increase creativity and excellent performance immediately.
Make success and fulfilment the core ingredient of your future.
Increase your confidence in any situation.
Eliminate anxiety, fears and phobias instantly.

The Neuro-Semantics Advantage

When you synergise meaning with productivity, that is when passion and drive explodes into your life! Thus, the two-prong benefits that Neuro-Semantics training are:


  1. By going higher and higher up the ladder of meaning, you are developing a more empowering matrix about the learning that drives the energy up for peak performance.

  2. By consciously using the process repeatedly throughout the training, you are building skills of leadership for real-life situations.

In so doing, you will be able to translate meaning into performance; that is when you actualise excellence.

Meet The Principle Coach

Marzuki is a Certified Neuro-Semantics and NLP Trainer, and Meta-Coach by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics®. He is also the Regional Director for Meta-Coach, Malaysia Chapter and co-authored an internationally published book ‘The Change 4’ .

Marzuki has successfully conducted many in-house programmes related to NLP & Neuro-Semantic  Coaching and Training for corporations and government agencies. He is privileged to have conducted such programmes to many large corporations such as PETRONAS, Sime Darby, DRB-Hicom, PROTON and many more in the last five years.

Now, Marzuki is offering this much sought after International Accreditation programme to the public. He is happy to coach those who would like to master the skill of coaching using the powerful tool of NLP & Neuro Semantics Coaching.

Participants receive enhanced benefits and more impact full results from his training programmes because of his extensive practical knowledge and skilful application of Neuro and Behavioural Sciences. He empowers people to increase their limits, level of commitment, higher level of performances of the individual, team and the organisation in achieving the corporate goals.

His training employs the Accelerated Learning technology exclusively, which is a proven method in improving the level of comprehension and internalisation of the concepts and learning.


After successful completion of the programme, you will receive not one but TWO Certificates! These are:

  • Coaching Essentials

  • Meta-NLP Practitioner

Certification is by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics®. Signed by Dr. Michael Hall and M. Marzuki Mohamed

Programme Details


8-10 Jan 2021 (Coaching Essential/MNLP Part 1)

15-17 Jan 2021 (MNLP Part 2)

22-24 Jan 2021 (MNLP Part 3)



41-3 Jalan PJU5/11, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia




8:30am - 6:30pm

The Meta-NLP Certification Programme will run for a total of 9 days

Target Group

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