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A Special night for all Neuro-Semantics NLPer



26 May | 8PM - 10PM

PULLMAN Putrajaya Lakeside


Dr. Michael L. Hall, A recognized modeler of Genius In Leadership, Wealth Creation and Collaboration and our renowned figure on Neuro-Semantic NLP And NLP is COMING TO TOWN!

We are so excited to learn that he will be in Malaysia for a few days that we have taken the opportunity to hold a 2-Hour Up Close & Personal Evening with him. We believe this is a brilliant opportunity to meet him in person.


Dr. Hall will be talking on – “WHY NEURO-SEMANTICS?”. The topic itself shows there are hidden secrets and gems to be discovered!

Come and meet him in person. Be with him, converse with him, take photos with him and listen to his insight unfolding many great wisdoms on Neuro-semantics and life.

What will he be sharing?

  • Understand the uniqueness and value of Neuro-Semantics and why it could be the powerful answer to your challenges. 

  • Get a Vision of the purpose of Neuro-Semantics in the field of NLP: especially collaboration and self-leadership, which will put you in another level of leadership

  • Comprehend the reason for the emphasis in Neuro-Semantics for quality and benchmarking.


  • Changing theories into doable process for easy & sustainable transformation.

  • Learn about the secret history of NLP and how it has been revolutionizing Neuro-Semantics.

Who will Benefit

This up close and personal session is held specially for Neuro-Semantics and NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners, Trainers and Coaches who has benefited from the practice of Neuro-Semantics and NLP in general. If you are excited to meet the co-founder and are hungry for more knowledge, this meeting is just right for you

Dr. L. Michael Hall

  • Co-creator of Neuro-Semantic NLP

  • Co-developer of the Meta-Coaching System®

  • Founder of the New Human Potential Movement

  • International Trainer of Executives, Coaches, and Corporate Trainers

  • Prolific author of over 50 books

  • Recognized modeler of genius in leadership, resilience, wealth creation, communication, and collaboration

Your Investment

1 pax for RM265

2 pax for RM225/pax

4 pax and above at RM199/pax

First 30 pax to sign up will get
a photo taken with Dr. L. Michael Hall
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