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Transform 2019 to be your Best Year Yet

How well are you managing yourself, mentally and emotionally, when you encounter people’s behaviours that are significantly different from your expectations? Does it some time irritate or annoy or even anger you? How do you feel when someone is overly critical of you? Or when someone does not appreciate all of the effort that you put in at work?

When it comes to skills with people, managing your states are absolutely critical. How well are you able to manage your mental and emotional states? You may have frequently heard the age-old advice to keep calm. How do you actually do that? Why are we told to keep calm?


Your behaviours are driven by your states. Do you notice that when you are angry, your behaviour is driven by anger? When you are sad, you behaviour is driven by sadness? When your behaviour is driven by your emotions, what becomes of the results that you get? Are you getting the intended results in your life? Or, are the results accidental?

The reason why we are told to keep calm is so that we can CHOOSE our behaviours. Only when you choose your behaviours will you be able to achieve intended results! You can transform your life and your relationships when you manage your state well. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your speech and behaviour… which depends on the quality of your thoughts and feelings - your STATES!

Silent Worship and Meditation



Do you ever wonder how someone can be so in control of themselves? How do they do that? What if you can control your states? Would that not give you greater control of yourself? Would you like that?


Do you want to…


  • Manage your mental and emotional states for you to feel fully in-charge of yourself?

  • Power-up with your natural powers for taking effective action?

  • Accept yourself fully and unconditionally?

  • Discover how to use pleasure states for creating a powerful natural motivation and thoroughly enjoy what you do?

  • Rid yourself of emotional turmoil for healthier living?

  • If you are ready to stop wishing and start wanting, then I am most pleased to invite you to this exceptional Neuro-Semantics training on how to Manage States. Accessing Personal Genius is a premier state management and emotional intelligence training. Click on the link below.

Thank you.


To your highest and best.

M Marzuki Mohamed
Certified Neuro-Semantics and NLP Trainer, 
and Meta-Coach

by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics®.

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