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Welcoming Transformation in 2019

How would you like your 2019 to be? Are you ready to transform 2019 to be your best year yet?

Disruptors are part and parcel of technological change. Are you ready to embrace them and run with the change? Keeping pace with technological change alone may leave you breathless, lost and bewildered. However, when you know that it is all about serving people through people, doesn’t that give you a solid underpinning to navigate your transformation?

Knowing that technological change is driven by people, how will your life transform when you master skills with people? How to master skills with people when they are individuals and they are different? Trying to generalise people’s behaviours would lead to confusions and misunderstandings, wouldn’t it? So, how do you figure people out?

The first step is to STOP judging, evaluating and categorising people! People are NOT personality types or profiles. They are not static or rigid. Do people behave in the same manner under all circumstances or do they behave differently? Are you consistent or inconsistent in your behaviours? Do you interact in the same manner with your spouse as with your boss? Or do you think and behave differently? 


They are dynamic processes interacting with the environment. The key to understanding people is to detect the patterns of their thinking and behaving under various circumstances. When you figure out their thinking process, doesn’t that  make it easier to understand their behaviours? Observe people’s preferred ways of thinking and behaving. This will help you to understand them better.


When you understand them, you then communicate and relate with them according to their processes. This makes it easy for them to understand you because you are ‘speaking their language’! In this way, you will transform your communicating and relating with others. Will it not begin to improve the quality of relationships that you have; with your boss, with your staffs, with your partner and your children? 


When you improve your skills with people, you will be able to communicate and relate better with them. That improves your ability to understand and be understood, which leads to better cooperation and collaboration. Higher productivity and more value. That is how you will transform this New Year!

Happy Man


The next question that you may ask yourself, as you observe people’s behaviours and notice how people behave differently from you is, can you manage yourself, mentally and emotionally, concerning these behaviours? Does it some time irritate or annoy or even anger you when people behave in unexpected ways? You may think that that behaviour doesn’t make any sense and because of that your emotions floods you. How do you feel when someone is overly critical of you? Or someone does not appreciate all of the effort that you put in at work?

How well are you able to manage your mental and emotional states? It may sound easy when people advice you to keep calm. How do you keep calm in the moment? How well can you do that?

When it comes to skills with people, managing your states are absolutely critical. You can transform your life and your relationships when you manage your state well. When your behaviours are driven by your best states, that is when you begin the get the right results in your life.

May your transform 2019 into your best year yet!


M Marzuki Mohamed
Certified Neuro-Semantics and NLP Trainer, 
and Meta-Coach

by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics®.

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