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 “The Neuro-Semantics of Wealth Creation” 

6 Weeks of Online Training Programme with 1 Year Group Coaching Support

Why Do Many People Suffer Financial Stress and Scarcity In A World Of Opportunities?

Why is the world filled with talented, intelligent, and gifted poor people? How can we stop working for money and get money to work for us? 

Stressed Woman
Man Reading Magazine

If we live in a world of plentiful opportunities and knowledge about wealth, then why do so few create for themselves a lifestyle of financial stability or even independence and wealthy state of mind? If the opportunity is there, what explains the lack of financial stability and independence, the stress over finances, the everyday struggle to make ends meet?

Could it be …

  • You are not internally organised in mind-and-emotions for wealth creation?

  • You lack the proper frames of mind for wealth creation?

  • You lack the executive frames of beliefs, values, identity, decisions and intentions that empower and commission you to become wealthy?

  • You are confused and conflicted about wealth itself?

  • You don’t have a wealth definition that is ecological and enriching?

  • Your Matrix is not organised so that you can play the game of wealth creation?

The fact is – Smart People make Big Mistakes about money.

They either sell their souls for it, let money define who they are and “the good life,” or they have a mistaken map about it; a map that doesn’t guide them as they navigate work, career, speaking and so on. Without having an accurate and workable map for creating wealth, we will join the ranks of the talented, intelligent, and gifted poor people of the world. 

How Will Your Life Be Different If You;

British Pound Coins

Be informed about how to create wealth— the processes and mechanisms.

Become disciplined: about work, work ethic, budgeting, scheduling, follow-through, etc.

Investment Chart
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Develop a laser-beam focus on what to do to create and give value to others.

Justice Scale

Develop the impulse control and stop impulsive spending.

Girl Holding Shopping Bags

Know about how money is made in a capitalist system: Supply and demand, value supply chain, etc

busy office

Develop patience for wealth creation and overcome the “get rich quick” disease.

Create a personal plan for wealth creation.

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Get rid of a getting mentality and develop a giving mentality.

On a Run

Become aware of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.

Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair

Develop the emotional maturity and emotional intelligence for self-control.

... and here are some of the immediate BENEFITS to you ...

Happy Family

1. Create rich meanings for your wealth creation

Get a rich definition and understanding of wealth; that Money is Not Wealth! Go beyond Money to the 3 Dimensions of Wealth.

Old Alarm Clock

2. Develop your personal Wealth Creation Timeline

Develop your Wealth Creation Timeline and align that into your Time Matrix.

Food Packing

3. Create Sustainable Wealth when you operate from the Heart of Wealth

What is Wealth? What is your personal process for creating wealth? Get into the Heart of Wealth Creation.


4. Discover Your Economic Engine

The Key is a Vocation that is a good fit for you. Create your personal Talent Search Using S.W.O.T. and develop your Power Matrix.

Sunset Run

5. Develop a Powerful Enough Drive for Wealth Creation

Are You Ready to Be A Wealth Creator? Step up your level of readiness by activating Your Highest Intentionality and your Intentional Matrix.

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

6. Develop an Optimistic Core that will sustain your Wealth Creation process

Some strategies work and others don’t! Do you have an Optimistic Core to get up and get going again?

Blue Stairway

7. Determine your stage in the Stages of Wealth Creation for more effective strategies

Are you aware that there are 7 stages of Wealth Creation? Knowing where you are in the stages will help you to identify the most effective strategy for you at this moment.

Brainstorming Session

8. Become a Collaborative Wealth Creator

Who is in your Support Group? What are the steps you need to take in creating your team? What criteria do you use for deciding with whom to work?


9. Being clear on where the Money comes from

What are your roles in the World in Creating Wealth? From which quadrant are you deriving your Cash Flow from? Financial Intelligence - What is the Secret of Money, Selling, Capitalising, Taxes, Assets and Liabilities


10. Actualise Your Wealth Creation Potential

Unleashing any potential requires two integrated elements: Meaning and Performance. Make It Meaningful! Give it Your Best!

Lingerie Model

11. Get into the Right State for Wealth Creation

Develop your State Matrix for creating wealth. Clear out the sabotaging states and generate new ones. Leave your fears behind you!

Smiling Young Man

12. Take Wealth Creation Principles into your physiology

Understand and appreciate Principles about Self — For Inside-Out Wealth. Mind-to-Muscle these principles for better performance.

Flexible Payment Planning

13. Your Personal Wealth Creation Plan to take away

Create your own Wealth Creation Plan by working with the key variables which will enrich you and enable you to make it real in everyday actions.

Modelling the First-Generation Rich Millionaires

Why should you learn from this model?

There are many examples of wealthy individuals that you can model from. What makes this model powerful is using the NLP & Neuro-Semantics modelling discipline on multiple modelling studies on first-generation rich millionaires, we have now the most Comprehensive Wealth Creation Model!

Using the discipline of modelling, Richard Bandler & John Grinder discovered NLP in modelling the structure of human experience. Neuro-Semantics added the Meta-States Model to NLP, resulting in the most advanced development of NLP. With the Meta-States model, we have a way of modelling of long-term strategies. That was what Dr L. Michael Hall, Co-Founder of Neuro-Semantics, achieved when he modelled and introduced the Meta-Coach System, Inside-Out Wealth, Resilience and many more long-term strategies.

Inside-Out Wealth

Dr. L. Michael Hall Photo 1.png

L. Michael Hall PhD.

The Inside-Out Wealth programme came from the modelling of wealthy individuals, from the modelling studies of Srully Blotnick (Getting Rich Your Own Way), Robert Allan (Wealth Creation Expert and Author), Thomas Stanley and William Danko (The Millionaire Next Door), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cash Flow Quadrant) and many more.

What’s unique about the Inside-Out Wealth programme is that, using NLP & Neuro-Semantics, Dr L. Michael Hall identified the Structure of Creating Wealth, detailed out steps and stages, detected states and frames and determined the Inner-Game to wealth creation.

Having modelled the way first-generation rich self-made millionaires, the secret of how they do it is now out. There is a structure to creating wealth. Do you want to learn the details of that secret?

I have had the good fortune and privilege of being personally trained by Robert Kiyosaki and Dr L. Michael Hall. I invite you to join me in this Inside-Out Wealth programme.

This is NOT a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme!

There is NO one secret to get rich quick. There is NO one magic tip guaranteed to make you rich. Instead, you will learn that wealth is most often created by thinking long-term and working through the stages of wealth creation with persistence, dedication, commitment, and discipline.

This is the “Get Rich Surely and Sustainably” Pattern.

Learning Strategy

What is your desired outcome for attending this programme? Do you just want information or do you want RESULTS?

In the context of creating wealth, results would entail having a well-formed plan and implementation strategy for achieving your wealth goals, wouldn’t it? To achieve that, you will need to:

  • Understand knowledge

  • Develop skills and

  • Apply the knowledge and skills

That is why this programme is designed with the best practices of Accelerated Learning Technology. Understanding that you have your unique and preferred way of learning, you will experience a blended-learning strategy. What does that involve?


Online Meeting

  • Online Interaction

  • Questions & answers

  • Learn at your own pace

Video, Audio & Mind Map

  • Content delivery

  • Demonstration

  • Induction

Learning Visuals.jpg

Online Group Learning

  • Online Discussion

  • Online Practice

Journal - Reflective Learning

  • Journaling and Note-Making

  • Coaching Feedback

Making Notes

Programme Schedule and Duration

24 June - 12 August 2020 - English

6 July - 17 August 2020 - Bahasa Malaysia

(6 Weeks Training PLUS 1 Year Group Coaching)

Do not think that you will become wealthy simply by joining this programme. Creating Wealth requires Mastery of the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of the wealth creator. This Training and Coaching programme requires persistence, dedication, commitment, and discipline.

Learn more about the Coach

M. Marzuki Mohamed.png

M. Marzuki Mohamed

Marzuki is a Certified Neuro-Semantics and NLP Trainer, and Meta-Coach by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics®. He is also the Regional Director for Meta-Coach, Malaysia Chapter and co-authored an internationally published book ‘The Change 4’ .


Marzuki has successfully conducted many in-house programmes related to NLP & Neuro-Semantic  Coaching and Training for corporations and government agencies. He is privileged to have conducted such programmes to many large corporations such as PETRONAS, Sime Darby, DRB-Hicom, PROTON and many more in the last twenty years.


Now, Marzuki is offering this much sought after International Certification programme to the public. He is happy to coach those who would like to master the skill of coaching using the powerful tool of NLP & Neuro Semantics Coaching.


Participants receive enhanced benefits and more impact full results from his training programmes because of his extensive practical knowledge and skilful application of Neuro and Behavioural Sciences. He empowers people to increase their limits, level of commitment, higher level of performances of the individual, team and the organisation in achieving the corporate goals.


His training employs the Accelerated Learning technology exclusively, which is a proven method in improving the level of comprehension and internalisation of the concepts and learning.

Some of the things Marzuki's students said about his programme ...

Chia Guat Ching.jpg

The cash flow pattern. The active income for daily expenses, passive income for luxury expenses.

Think for ways to earn passive income as a backup plan.

Plan for a long term plan with a clear direction, meanings & meta state.

Understand what are the steps to build own wealth

Chia Guat Ching

Choo Win Son.jpg

Wealth management is such an important topic, but most did not get a chance to learn this systematically.


This course helped me reflect on some of my past financial success and failure experience and put all this experience into context. From here, I can see now, what certain actions and decisions were either positively or negatively affected by my previous experience.


I also learn how to make better use of my empowering experience and discard the negative ones. My chance of being ‘wealthy’ just got much higher

Choo Win Son

Darren Low Sze Chuan.jpg

Darren Low

The matrix in wealth creation, especially the singularity (3 circle PPP). I will explore each matrix deeply and develop a full plan in the next 3 months. I wish to conduct the class for others as well.

Marzuki is very competent in explaining the concept in a very layman way so that I can absorb and remember easily. It’s a good platform for refreshers and those who want to explore ‘wealth’ in  a more meaningful way.

It’s a very powerful program which brings you to a new level of height to look at the new definition of ‘wealth’ and how can we actually manifest it from the inside out. I believe this is the missing piece of wealth creation in the market and could most likely inspire lots of people and bring the enlightenment to our next generation.

Dr Khairul Anuar Abdullah.jpg

Understanding the matrix involved in wealth creation. I will be able to draw a wealth creation plan for myself for short, medium and long term.


The trainer exposed the principle of wealth creation and how to apply them.


This workshop will help anyone who wants to create wealth by learning the principle of wealth creation and how to apply them, as well as the pitfalls to look out in creating wealth.

Dr Khairul Anuar

Elvish Sew Poi Ling.jpg

Elvish Sew

Overall it has impacted me. Realise myself made so many mistakes over the years to adapt to financial intelligence.

The program gives me insights & hope to manage my own wealth. The principles, the structure of the program, patterns all are so practical.

Marzuki is superb, he makes the program fun to learn by using many case studies to help us understand better.


5 stars recommendation to join this program. The realisation on how to create wealth & not just more for money. If you are an employee, the self-employed or business owner do come for this program. VALUE ADDED EXTREMELY.

Fransca Liew Kah Fong.jpg

Fransca Liew

The point is that as an employee for a big organisation, instead of thinking as, “I’m an employee here, You give me a salary, I do my job within” to “I’m a service provider to solve the problem in this company.”

The skill that I learn about wealth can be used to apply to achieve financial freedom. The trainer is so knowledgeable to be able to make everyone with different learning preferences understand the subject. In other words, trainer able to teach using multiple tactics.

It is a good course for everyone to understand the definition of wealthy, the first step/course for everyone before has any wealth creation plan to pursue wealth.


Thank you Master Marzuki!

Nurul Idahayu Jalani.jpg

It is very crucial to start to form the core of wealth, to understand and identify the true meaning.

This programme has helped me to widen my perspective of wealth and put the importance of how important it is to have a long term plan. From this programme, I am more clear of the next step of action: we have written out a 10 years plan.

It just needs to be re-tune a little bit and I am on the road of my 10 years wealth creation. Thank you Mr Marzuki for always delivering the best in every program that you do.

Nurul Idahayu

Sara Soo Wai Lai.jpg

This program is suitable to understand why you do what you do and to understand self better.

My key takeaway is to look at money as the currency/measurement to attain wealth. Wealth is greater than money. This program also gives you guidance on how to achieve wealth.

Sara Soo

Siti Maheran Ahmad.jpg

Marzuki is an exceptional trainer. Kept the engagement high throughout the long days of training. Masterful indeed!

I gained so much from this program – saw WEALTH CREATION with ‘fresh eyes’ and learnt new perspectives & meanings that became crystal clear to me.

This program is a MUST HAVE for anyone! I wished I learnt this much earlier in my life but grateful to learn NOW!

Siti Maheran

Tang Ting Wee.jpg

Tang Ting Wee

Marzuki’s in-depth knowledge and experience in Neuro Semantic make the programme carried out in a very effective way, in such he was able to explain and demonstrate the topics very accurate and easy to understand.

His knowledge in his earlier profession and learning, giving me an example and make me able to link up those concepts.

I suggest that everyone should start working on themselves before looking outside and this course is systemic and comprehensive without compromising reality.

The name of the programme explains it all – INSIDE OUT WEALTH

Investing to Create Wealth

How much is your future wealth worth to you?

How much will you be willing to invest to achieve that?

The regular tuition fee for a personal wealth creation programme such as this is typically between RM5,000 to RM13,000. However, I do not intend to offer this programme to you at any of those amounts because I have a bigger reason for doing this.

This crisis opened up my eyes to how vulnerable our lives are. At a stroke, livelihoods are threatened and businesses are up-ended. Yet, amidst these disruptions, I am inspired by the generosity of individuals who reach out to help the less fortunate amongst us.

Bringing this programme to you is my way of reaching out to you so that you will come out of this crisis better, stronger and wealthier. My big reason for doing this is about YOU Going Beyond Survival to Long-Term, Sustainable Holistic Wealth.

Painted Heart

If you will allow me to sponsor part of the tuition fee for this programme, I am offering this programme to you for only RM2,570.

Pay-As-You-Please Option (Limited Seats)

I understand that this crisis affects each one of us in different ways. Financially, some of us are better off whilst others are worse off. Recognising and addressing the different needs, I wish to offer these options to you.

If you have a steady income and some financial buffer, I will be grateful to receive your tuition fee of RM2,570. It will be useful for me to continue offering this programme.

If your income has been badly affected and your financial buffer is diminishing, I will be happy to receive whatever amount that is manageable for you.

If you have lost your income and have reached the end of your financial buffer and looking for ways to survive, I welcome you into the programme for no money at all.

This is my personal initiative. There will not be any credit checks nor questions asked. Pay-As-You-Please.

This offer is limited and will end at 5:00 p.m. on 21 June 2020

This “Inside-Out Wealth” ONLINE programme is based fully upon the International Society of Neuro-Semantics “Inside-Out Wealth” certification programme.

This ONLINE format does not meet ISNS’ requirement for certification training. Certification is only provided by attending the LIVE event. However, participants of this ONLINE programme may opt for a FAST TRACK Live Certification session with M. Marzuki Mohamed upon completion.

24 June - 12 August 2020

  • Full Inside-Out Wealth Programme

  • 1 Year Group Coaching Support

Inside Out Wealth - Small.jpg

6 Julai - 17 Ogos 2020

  • Sesi Penuh Inside-Out Wealth ver. BM'

  • 1 Tahun Coaching Berkumpulan

Inside Out Wealth - Small.jpg
Sign Up
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Appeal for Sponsors

My personal pleasure is in lifting the pain of livelihood from my fellow human beings. The biggest value that I can give is my own knowledge, skills and mindset. How I plan to do that is by opening up the opportunity to learn critical life skills to everyone who wants to; regardless of financial ability.


In a small way, this is my personal initiative to contribute to a Compassionate Community; a community of people who empathise and behave kindly to one another.


I cannot do this alone. I need help!


If you believe in “teaching people how to fish”, then I am inviting you with this avenue to express your social compassion; to deliberately uplift those with lesser means through your sponsorship. No contribution is too small. Every contribution will be appreciated.


For the long term, my mission is to encourage wealthy individuals to take care of those in need in society. By doing that, we will be able to reduce the economic and social gap. Through initiatives that are driven by wealthy individuals and corporations; not just relying on government. Hopefully, it will improve the quality of life of the society that we live in.

M. Marzuki Mohamed.png

M. Marzuki Mohamed

We accept as low as RM10

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