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How Is COVID-19 Affecting Your Mental And Emotional States?

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the movement control order, how are you feeling? How are your feelings affecting your doing? What is the quality of your interactions with the people around you? Are you handling it well? Or are you reaching breaking-point? If you feel that you may be approaching breaking-point, please get some help. I’d like to share with you this effective 3-step, Neuro-Semantics process for managing negative emotions.

1. Accept 2. Appreciate 3. Gratitude The way that I run this process is as follows: ① ACCEPT * I accept that I feel fearful of the dangers of COVID-19. It is highly infectious and I am in the high-risk group. * I accept that I feel worried about my finances. My work had been cancelled and my income stopped due to the lockdown. ② APPRECIATE * I appreciate that dedicated front liners are doing their best to curtail the spread. There are established guidelines and I know what to do to reduce the risks of infection. * I appreciate that my income had been dependent on a single strategy. I can learn and deploy multiple new strategies for my business. * I appreciate that I can only do things within my control and leave to God those that are beyond my control. ③ GRATEFUL * I am grateful that I am alive, healthy and strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. * I am grateful that I am creative, optimistic, quick, bold, active, agile, optimising and responsible. I see the opportunity this situation is presenting me. * I am grateful for the valuable and critical lessons God is teaching me through this situation. Our mental and emotional states ebb and flow. Since this situation is currently ongoing, it is natural for our states to come and go as well. So, I keep running this process frequently throughout the day and because of that, I don’t remain fearful of the disease, worried about my finances nor be bored with being confined to the house. I feel hopeful about the future and energised in putting my plans into action! How about you? Do you think that this process of Accepting, Appreciating and Gratitude will work for you? Would you like to try it out? If you do try it out, may I invite you to write in the comments below what you are accepting, appreciating and being grateful for? I’d love to hear how it works for you! M Marzuki Mohamed Inside-Out Wealth #insideoutwealth


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