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Can I Still Have a Wealthy Future?

     A few years ago, I started learning about the structure of creating wealth. It came from Neuro-Semantics' modelling of highly wealthy people. As I began to unlearn and re-learn about wealth, I discovered 10 reasons why talented, intelligent and gifted people remain poor!

  • Ignorant about how to create wealth— the processes, mechanisms.

  • Ignorance about how money is made in a capitalism system: Supply and demand, value supply chain, etc.

  • Impatience about wealth creation, suffering from the “get rich quick” disease.

  • Undisciplined: about work, work ethic, budgeting, scheduling, follow-through, etc.

  • No plan for wealth creation.

  • Have a getting mentality, rather than giving.

  • Lack of a focus on what to do to create, give value to others.

  • Unaware of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.

  • Lack the emotional maturity, emotional intelligence for self-control.

  • Lack of impulse control, impulsive spending.

     As I went through the list above, I shook my head in shame at how mistaken I had been about wealth. Fearing that you or the people that you love may be in the same boat as I am, I have decided to share this with you here. I hope that it proves useful to you too because the first step towards change is awareness and acceptance of the current reality. If you are worried about your current financial status and serious about having a wealthy future, then I'd like to invite you to join me on this journey. We can support and encourage one another along the way. In the days and weeks and months to come, I would like to share the Structure of Wealth; with the hope that it brings you benefit and solutions, if you are willing to learn.

DISCLOSURE: I am NOT a financial guru to teach you about wealth. There are many gurus out there and I am not one of them. I am merely a student of wealth. I am currently re-learning about the structure of wealth and applying them in my life. 

     I have had my share of successes and also have made BIG mistakes in the past. I am already 60 and facing serious challenges due to this economic uncertainty borne out of this pandemic. "Can I still have a wealthy future? YES!" There is hope!

How about you?

Thank you 😀

Marzuki Mohamed

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