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Can You Be Happy Despite…

Are you happy? Do you want to be? What about COVID 19? What about the movement controls? Quarantine? Economy? Can you still be happy despite all of these? Which of these make you happy? Chocolate, Chores, Cleaning, Photographing, Nature walk, Being a weirdo, Dancing like a weirdo, Daydreaming, Playing in the mud, Playing in the rain, Reading, Cycling, Writing, Drawing, Talking about stuff, SCIENCE!!!! Singing, Swimming, Gymnastics, Laughing Did you check off ALL of those? Or some do and some don’t make you happy? Go on and ask someone what makes them happy. Are all of the things that make them happy also make you happy? No? So, what do you realise about being happy? Is it about having or doing something? Or is it about BEING happy? IT’S NOT OUT THERE! IT’S AN INSIDE-OUT JOB! Once you accept this, the rest becomes easy. Many people make the mistake of pinning their happiness on something or someone. They don’t realise that being happy is a mental and emotional state that comes as a result of their thinking-feeling about something. That reminds me of a Mr Bean sketch where he parked his Mini and locked it with a large padlock. Whilst he was away, an army tank rolled over his car, flattening it into a tin can. When he returned to his car, he cried in grief at the loss of his beloved car. Then, he noticed that large, shiny padlock was still intact and whole. He took out the key from his pocket, unlocked the padlock and walked away gleefully from the wreck! Loss of income. Quarantine. Movement controls. COVID 19. These need not control your mental and emotional state. You control your feelings through your own thinking-feeling. What can you think about your situation that makes you happy?

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