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Long-Term Sustainable Wealth

What are some of the myths that you have heard about wealth, money, work and wealth creation?

“Money doesn’t grow on trees. Rich people are greedy. It takes money to make money. I don't have enough money to start investing. Money is the root of all evil.”

The biggest myth to creating wealth is “There is a secret to getting rich quick.” What this does is to set the person onto a lifelong pursuit for that one secret that will make him/her getting rich quick. Through a guru, a course, a book or a scheme, the person tries one thing after another, becoming poorer and poorer in the process; not realising that that is a MYTH.

The TRUTH about wealth is that it requires thinking long-term and working through the stages of wealth creation with persistence, dedication, commitment and discipline.

It is important to make a distinction between money and wealth. Making Money Is not Wealth. It is part of Creating Wealth. A person who uses the right strategy that makes a lot of money yet is an under accumulator of wealth will remain poor. Whereas a person who makes little money in comparison yet is a prodigious accumulator of wealth becomes wealthy.

The good news about creating wealth is that learning and discovering how to do it is fairly simple. Following through and actually doing it is not easy! It requires change. It requires having the principles of wealth creation as the critical frames of mind, and to master yourself to actually do what you know.

There is no one secret of wealth creation. There are many.

  • Discover what real wealth is and how to begin to create it inside yourself to initiate the inner game of wealth.

  • Learn to create inside-out wealth, a wealth that finds creates, and thrills in value.

  • Learn that wealth is created over time and through time and that it takes a wealthy set of states to generate it as well as maintain it.

As you get rid of the old myths about wealth creation and embrace the right understandings, meanings, beliefs, frames and states about wealth creation, my hope for you is that wealth will flow through you from the inside-out.

M Marzuki Mohamed

Certified Neuro-Semantics & NLP Trainer

Associate Certified Meta-Coach

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