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The Secrets for Creating Wealth

The Systematic Question

  • What does it take to create wealth?

  • What is wealth that we want to create?

  • What do you need to know about wealth creation to become an effective wealth creator?

  • Are there secrets of wealth creation and if so, what are they?

  • Are there any myths about wealth creation to be alert to?

#1: Wealth Creation is Profoundly Simple.

  • The knowledge about how to create wealth isn’t Rocket Science.

  • To become a millionaire, all you have to do is learn to think like a millionaire, to develop a Millionaire Mind.

  • Knowing is not enough, you have to do. So while the strategy for creating wealth is simple; the execution of that strategy is not.

  • The strategy: Identify your potential talents with a passion, invest in your own development so you create valued skills, find an economic engine and the right market, develop your business sense and structure, persist for a decade, handle the ups-and-downs with resilience, keep your vision passionate and keep learning to give more and more value.

#2: There is no Magic Bullet for Creating Wealth.

  • There’s no one secret, there are a great many secrets or principles for wealth creation.

  • Run from anyone who says they have “the secret!” They are usually looking to create wealth for themselves by taking it from you.

  • Wealth involves many steps and stages and so it is best created by creating a plan and working that plan.

#3: You can’t create Wealth Quickly.

  • It takes time to create wealth through the steps and stages.

  • Wealth is created as a process over time.

  • Financial wealth is best created using a ten-year focus and ten-year plan.

  • Those who get rich quickly don’t keep it. It ruins their lives.

  • Effective wealth creators think long-term.

  • Time-Line for Wealth Creation

#4: Wealth is not money, it is creating value.

  • Money is just a sign of wealth, not the core or essence of wealth.

  • You have to get money out of your eyes to be able to see opportunities and create wealth.

  • Money is just an exchange of value.

  • Wealth is finding and creating things that add to the quality of life.

  • Wealth is holistic— mind (creativity), emotions (enjoyment), speech, skills, relationships, health (energy), time, effectiveness, efficiency, etc.

  • Money cannot buy wealth!

  • The heart of wealth and wealth creation is giving value.

  • Wealth is created first in the mind as solutions that give value to needs or wants.

  • The Singularity

#5: Wealth is created Inside-Out.

  • Wealth is not created or gained from the outside-in.

  • First you have to become wealthy in you mind, emotions, speech, behaviour, skills, etc.

  • Wealth is a state of mind and emotion that enables you to express wealth verbally and behaviourally.

#6: Salary poorly indicates Financial Wealth. Saving and giving are better indications.

  • Financial wealth is created by how much you save, not how much you earn.

  • Aim first for financial stability, then independence, then freedom.

  • If you are living pay-check to pay-check with all the looks of wealth, you are financially insecure.

  • Wealth is created by frugality— squeezing all the joy you can out of everything you have, own, and experience so that you have a high joy-to-stuff ratio.

#7: You and you only are responsible for your financial success.

  • Wealth Creators assume full responsibility for their financial success.

  • Wealth is knowing and enjoying the fact that you and only you are responsible for creating your wealth.

  • It’s not your bosses job to make you financially stable, independent, or free.

  • Owning your response-powers gives you personal, internal wealth.

#8: Wealth is created by Giving, not Getting.

  • Creating Wealth requires fully investing yourself in giving value.

  • Wealth is created by joyful and passionate effort.

  • Wealth is created by finding your singularity (potential, passion, and profit).

  • When you find your singularity, you stop “working.” Your work then becomes play.

#9: Wealth is created with and through others.

  • No one creates wealth alone. Who will get rich with you?

  • Wealth is created as a team effort and so requires cooperation and collaboration.

  • Wealth is created through the social skills of listening, communicating, supporting, connecting, caring, coaching, mentoring, training, etc.

#10: Wealth is created by focus, passion, persistence, discipline, and resilience.

  • Wealth creation is a lifestyle— it is holding a focus on a vision and mission and pursuing it with discipline, persistence, and resilience.

  • Wealth is created by seeing and seizing opportunities.

  • Wealth is created by managing risks. You can’t create with without taking risks.

Source: L. Michael Hall, PhD, Inside-Out Wealth

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