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Why Be Wealthy?

As you #stayhome and #staysafe during the multiple phases of MCO, how are you feeling and what are you doing? Are you feeling confined, irritated, frustrated, bored or going mad? Or are you feeling safe, comfortable, joyful, useful and loving? Do you feel well or unwell? That sense of wellness is part of your wealth. Wealth is holistic. It covers every dimension of your life. Being wealthy creates a state of wellness; you feel wealthy. Wealth is not just money. Money is a scorecard to measure tangible wealth. It is a medium to control our environment to access the intangible wealth. When you have this right perspective about money, you'll begin to notice and enjoy the other dimensions of wealth. What are the multiple dimensions of wealth? ❤️ Wealthy in Body Your body feels well, you breathe easy and you move easily. You do meaningful work that contributes and gives value to others. That is an act of service and you experience wellness within. ❤️ Wealthy in Mind You think critically and creatively. You find solutions to problems. Learn and acquire useful knowledge. Think well of self and others under different situations and circumstances. You are at ease and do not suffer from undue stress. ❤️ Wealthy in Heart You experience calmness and feel at peace with yourself, others and the world. You feel relaxed and in harmony with people and the environment. You love and feel loved. ❤️ Wealthy in Spirit Who you are as a being and what you do has rich meanings that ignite you with passion. You feel inspired and inspire others. When you understand that wealth is holistic and has multiple dimensions, you begin to experience all of the wealth within and around you. Even when experiencing a health and financial crisis, you do not feel any less wealthy because you can still count your wealth in other dimensions. You continue being grateful for being wealthy. Especially in times of crisis, people need to be wealthy. I hope some of what I shared here is useful for you. If you find some usefulness, please let someone else know as well. They might find some usefulness for themselves too. M Marzuki Mohamed #insideoutwealth #resilience Photo by Jonas Mohamadi from Pexels: Whenever I go into the forest, I feel truly alive and well. With that comes this sense of gratefulness that I enjoy all of this wealth around me. I feel wealthy!

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