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Wealth is Created Inside-Out

How many times have I ever deluded myself into thinking that I can be wealthy instantly? A countless number of times! My guess is that many people are being tricked by these headlines… "7 Ways to Become a Millionaire!" "How to Become an Instant Millionaire!" "15 Jobs That Could Make You An Instant Millionaire!" Have you ever fallen prey to the "The Secret to Get Rich Quick" myth? It's a MYTH. Yet, some people choose to believe that. The Key Secret is that wealth is an inside-out phenomenon and that you have tremendous wealth creation potentials that you can unleash. Do you want to know the truth about wealth? It requires: • thinking long-term • working through the stages of wealth creation • persistence, dedication, commitment, and discipline Many people confuse making money and wealth. There were times when I was making quite a bit of money and yet I was struggling financially. That was weird! What I didn’t understand then was Making Money Is not Wealth. It is an important part of Creating Wealth. It is NOT wealth. The good news about creating wealth is that it is not rocket science. We don’t need to be a super-genius to be wealthy. Learning and discovering how to do it is fairly simple. However, following through and actually doing it is not easy! So, what’s the solution? CHANGE - Since wealth is an Inside-Out phenomenon, we need new frames and new ways of thinking about Wealth Creation. GOALS - The first goal is to be Financially Stable and the next goal is to be Financially Independent. Many people get seduced by the ‘One’ Mantra. Are you familiar with the ‘One’ Mantra? "The ONE secret to financial success" "The ONE secret to marital bliss" "The ONE Ring to Rule Them All!" There is NO one secret to creating wealth. Through Neuro-Semantics’ modelling of highly wealthy individuals, we have come to know that there are many critical elements to the Secret. What is the Secret? 1. Find a passion 2. Invest in yourself, in your mind and wealth education 3. Turn your talents into skilled competencies 4. Develop a valued competency that you can turn into expertise and mastery, 5. Find the right market and niche for your offerings 6. Develop business sense and structure 7. Persist for a decade 8. Handle the ups-and-downs with resilience 9. Support your vision and passion through financial intelligence What is your current status with regards these elements? Where are you at right now? What do you need to DO to progress to the next level? I believe you may have heard of the story of the Chinese bamboo plant. A farmer plants Chinese bamboo plant, waters and nurtures the plant for a whole season. At the end of the season, there is nothing to show on the ground; not even an inch of sprout! However, the farmer continues to irrigate, fertilise and care for the plant. By the end of the season, nothing outwardly seemed to happen. Yet, the farmer continues to put in the effort for the third year and the fourth year. Nothing happens! Then, in the fifth year, the bamboo plant shoots up to more than 25 metres all in one year! I hope that this is useful to you. May your wealth grows day by day! Thank you. Marzuki Mohamed #insideoutwealth #resilience

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