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What Is "Wealth" Anyway?

When I am conducting training or having a conversation with people, there are a few things that I like having fun with; one is success and another is wealth. I would frequently ask people "Who wants to be wealthy?". I would see raised hands and smiling faces with eyes looking at me. After a few moments and they have put down their hands, I would ask the next question "What's wealth to you?" This is the fun bit because whenever I asked that question, quiet would ensue and I would see startled/blank faces around. It typically takes quite a few minutes before someone would venture to answer "Being a millionaire", "Have lots of money" or "Being free to do whatever I want to do". I am guessing that they responded in that way because it was such an obvious question, wasn't it? Everyone knows what wealth is! Right? Or maybe not so. Does everyone want to be a millionaire? How much are lots of money? What is the freedom to you? When you go deeper and deeper, you realise that wealth is different from one person to another. So, what is wealth to you? How will you know you are wealthy? In order for you to be wealthy, you have to know what it is to experience wealth fully in all of its dimensions. You have to create a holistic and compelling definition of “wealth” before you can take the necessary and effective actions that make it real in your life. Do you know what wealth is? May I make a small request to you? Will you spend a wee bit of your time to finish off the sentence below? Write as many as you can; 10, 20,30. Go on! I know I will be wealthy when…? . . . . . . M Marzuki Mohamed #insideoutwealth #resilience Photo: We tend to think of the things that we have and the material progress around us when we think about wealth. Is that all to wealth?

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